Wednesday, 29 July 2015

More of a wordy Wednesday

Current condition iconovercast - light rain showers; mist
Currently: 13.8°C, Max: 17.5°C, Min: 13.3°C13.8 °C
  57 °F


Feels like: 14 
This was the temperature at 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday evening.  We got close to 100 millimeters of rain (close to 4 inches) of rain since Monday morning.  Tuesday also brought winds gusting to 95 kilometers per hour (59 mph).

At least we didn't have hail or a tornado as they did in Manitoba.  According to the article this tornado was on the ground for nearly 3 hours!  Thankfully, though there was property damage there were no reports of injury.
Photo by Greg Johnson

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Definitely not bored

I am not going to say I'm bored, I am not going to say I am bored. I am not!

Because I am not bored at all - it just seems like the days are passing by soooo slowly.  It's not that I necessarily want time to pass by quickly...well, unless it can be 45 months from now and I am retired from my current job but that's a different matter altogether.

In reality I've got enough going on both at work and at home that I can't do everything I want to in a day.  So I'm definitely not bored (and I'll keep telling myself that). I have a sense though that I'm on the cusp of some big change and what it might be is not entirely clear.  If fact, I haven't a clue what it might be.

When I've had these feelings before - it's happened more than a few times in my life - when life became routine and I'd say to someone I'm bored, all hell would break loose in my life.  The first time I can recall, my daughter was just 4 years old and we were living on my parent's farm in a house trailer.  I was working at a local bank branch.  Things were stable in my life, if a little boring, my parents took care of my daughter while I worked and life was simple.  Then one day I said to a friend, I'm bored.

It wasn't very long after that when my manager called me into the office to tell me that my job was being eliminated but they were offering me a position at another branch.  I asked specifically that it be north of the tree line in Saskatchewan but of course the offer was in Regina, a city smack dab in the middle of the prairies.  Within three weeks of our meeting I'd packed up my trailer, sending all my worldly goods south with Chuck and Fling's moving company (my brother and BIL), and moved with my daughter into an apartment, enrolled her in daycare and started my job at a city branch.  Life was no longer simple and easy!

Another time I was foolish enough to say I was bored was when my son was about 4-5 years old.  I had left the bank and was working for a trust company.  I'd worked right up until the day before his birth, took four months off, and went back early when I was offered a promotion. A couple of years later I was promoted again  and within two years I found myself working more hours than I would have liked, my home life revolved around getting kids fed, watered, into and out of bed, and driving them to babysitters, daycare, school and their activities.  I had no life outside of work and home and was feeling stagnated.  Then those three little words, I am bored, sealed my fate.

There were signs of change around me; at the branch we'd been downsized from a staff of 27 to a staff of 18 in just a year.  Not that there was any less work to do, but the trust company was losing money fast.  It was pretty apparent that it was only going to get worse so I decided to take a leap of faith and move on.  I quit my job, enrolled in university at the same year  my son started kindergarten.  I look back at that time and marvel at my tenacity...or perhaps it was simply foolishness...but we made it through the next 4 1/2 years while I finished my degree.  Again things weren't simple or easy for that time period.

I certainly don't regret the changes I've experienced.  If we hadn't moved to Regina, I wouldn't  have had my son nor would I have completed my education.  Had I not gone to university I wouldn't have the job and the security I have today.

Having described these periods in my life, perhaps this is why I'm feeling as I do today.  We've been in a constant state of change for the last couple of years, with still more changes on the horizon.  But my life is pretty simple, go to work, come home, do what needs to be done, and spend time with friends and family when time and schedules permit.  But I will not say I'm bored!  Who knows what that might bring.

How about you?  Have you ever had the sense that some change was imminent in your life?  Did it happen or did those feelings pass?

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sluggish behaviour

It's been some time since I've written a real post!  I can blame it partly on not having much to say, partly to being busy at work and exhausted by the time I get home, and partly just plain laziness.  I've been trying to keep up my blog reading because I enjoy checking in and hearing the stories of your lives.  It's like having a quick visit, without leaving the comfort of my chair.

But even that has taken a bit of backseat to plain old vegging out in front of the television.  I know it's not good for me...and I should get off my butt and spend some time in the basement....but lately I'm spending a lot of time watching Big Brother, Amazing Race Canada, HGTV, and America's Got Talent.  From Thursday evening through the weekend, there is always some sporting event to watch, CFL (football), the Pan-Am games, or if I really want to nap, I switch to golf.  

In other words, I'm wasting time and probably a few brain cells too.  Though, in my defense, unless I'm napping, I'm usually got the computer at my side, and during the commercial breaks I make made dashes around the house doing chores.  (Yes, I know I could PVR the program and watch them later but I know I wouldn't so I don't).

Work is not slowing down any.  Usually summers are quiet because many employees take vacation or extended leaves for much of July and August.  But this year, with three new employees, working on a regional hiring process, being involved in the planning and organizing of two conferences to be held in the fall, handling issues that my boss doesn't want to bother with*, as well as my normal workload, there are days when I'm feeling overwhelmed.  My to-do list never seems to get any shorter.  

But there is some good news.  He hasn't officially announced it yet but it's become clear that my boss is retiring soon.  The reason I know this is that senior management has already announced his replacement!  She'll be joining the office in mid-August and there are meetings planned to start the transition.  He is to "mentor" her but I expect he'll be given a quiet corner with some sort of project to spend the rest of the time before he retires.  

*A complaint came in the other day.  As the manager it should be his responsibility to deal with it, but instead he referred the individual to me. Well, I guess he did "deal with it" delegating it to me.

I'm a little lot behind in my indoor housework.  Last weekend, I spent much of my time outdoors because the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We did get a bit of rain so I spent Sunday priming the walls in the basement.  My contractor had brought a gallon of paint that is meant to keep out moisture and resist mildew or mold.  Of course, I ran out of paint with about 4-5 feet of wall left to go.  The paint he purchased is only available at a certain store here in Regina that is only open Monday to Friday.  So I went to Home Depot and picked up a quart of a similar but less expensive brand.  I hope it works as well as the other.

After the walls were dry I vacuumed and washed the floors, and wiped everything down.  Drywall dust is soooo dusty!  Then I organized to exercise equipment: my daughter's elliptical, my son's weight bench, and my yoga mat and set of weights.
Now, I have no excuse not to go to the gym - humble as it is, it's right in my own home.  And yes, I've actually used it twice this week, each time spending 15 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes stretching on the mat.

I haven't been walking, the last time was a week ago, and I'm starting to feel like a slug.  

My son set up the television and DVD player for me. Now I just need to find some exercise DVD's.

I have bought a book through Amazon, "Yoga for Women", and I'm excited to learn more.  Besides the benefit of the stretches I'm hoping it will help relieve some of the stress in my life.  

We finally got some rain and cooler weather - much appreciated in Northern Saskatchewan as most of the evacuees can finally return home.  Unfortunately for some, their homes were destroyed in the fires.  It's going to be several months of rebuilding for many communities.

The cooler weather is keeping me indoors, so I'm catching up on my housework.  The laundry is nearly done, the kitchen and bathrooms are clean, recycling has been taken out, and I made a meatloaf and egg salad.  The cat litter is next on the agenda, followed by washing the laundry room and furnace room floors.  Then vacuuming, dusting and....this to-do list never ends either!

I'd best get as much done as I can today because tomorrow I'll want to be outside again.  Sun and 29C (84F) is in the forecast!  I see a book, a cold drink, and the back deck in my future.

Have a great weekend everyone!