Saturday, 7 December 2013

Baby, it's cold out there!

We're under a wind chill warning since yesterday, with no relief in sight for at least a couple of days.  When temperatures are this cold, my winter coat crackles, my car is "like a rock", and I dread even spending a few minutes outside.

But I've got appointments that have to be kept, Christmas gifts to pick up, and my niece is coming to spend the night and I'll pick her up from dance later this afternoon.  We'll have dinner brought in (to celebrate D's birthday), put up the Christmas tree, and maybe even wrap some gifts.

Tomorrow morning, we'll be tackling the sewing machine so she can learn some basics.  I'm forward to our time together.  She's a character, witty and funny, and at the age where you're never quite sure what they'll say.  She's eleven, going on seven or seventeen depending on the moment.  It's going to fun!

Hope everyone has a warm and fun weekend!


Olga said...

Sounds like a special weekend in the works. Enjoy!

Bellen said...

We're just breaking out of the deep freeze in southern Alberta. This past weekend, it was about -40° at times. Now it's shot way up to -10° or something absurdly warm like that.