Sunday, 22 December 2013

This week's recap

It's Saskatchewan, it's winter, and it's cold. -26C this morning with wind chills of -32C and this is simply one more day in a stretch of three or four weeks of bitterly cold weather.  We've had a couple of breaks, a day or so where the temps reach highs in the minus single digits.  Those days feel almost balmy.

But as much as I complain about our weather, I'll take the cold over the storm that is currently hammering central and Atlantic Canada. Although the Canadian news service isn't covering it, I assume parts of the U.S. are also affected.  According to the article, there are numerous power outages, and many won't have power again for 72 hours. I can't imagine being without electricity for that long in the winter and at Christmas it would be even worse.

Kim, if you are reading this (and I hope you have power so you can), I hope you and the boys came through the storm unscathed. Stay safe and warm!


It's a busy week at work and at home, mostly due to my own procrastination.  I started my annual Christmas letters before I went to Saskatoon. I finally got them done on Thursday, cards written and mailed yesterday. What should have taken a few hours I managed to complete in days.  I finished the Christmas shopping last weekend and even though I've got most everything wrapped there are still a couple left to go.  That's what Christmas eve is for, right?

Last Monday evening, I had Deniece and Denephew visit while their parents went to a Christmas dinner.  I made dinner for us, we watched a movie and just hung out.

Deniece saw me pick up the camera and got out of range...little minx, while her brother tried to get his hand up.  Love the head band - it's mine but I never thought he'd put it on!

Yesterday I made a trip to the grocery store to make sure we had everything we need for Christmas.  Not surprisingly it was the mall parking lot and the store were busy.  I was in line behind a couple, the wife wandered off to get something while the husband unloaded the cart.  I was amazed as I watched him place the items on the checkout conveyor in no particular order.  When I was a kid, my mom taught us to put the heaviest items on first so they can loaded in the bottom of the cart, on down to the lightest items (eggs, bread, etc.) so they don't get broken or squashed.  I always assumed everyone did that but apparently not.

When it was my turn I sorted the items, then watched in amazement as the clerk bagged the items, putting the cleaning supplies in with the meat, and cans into the bag containing bread.  I didn't say anything though I probably ought to, instead I spent time sorting and repacking the bags in the trunk of the car.  I have to wonder, is this a lost art?  Do you sort your groceries by weight...or am I an oddball?

Today I've been cleaning house, vacuuming, cleaning cat litter, washing floors, while my daughter does laundry and some baking. But she's run out of canola oil for her carrot cake muffins...I love carrot cake muffins so I'm off to Walmart to pick up a few items I forget or couldn't get yesterday.  I expect it will be crazy busy...wish me luck.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Yes, I'm reading! We didn't lose power, though it did flicker a lot yesterday, and the TV went off and on three times in the evening. I lost cable/internet/phone for maybe 15 minutes or so. Areas around us lost power, though, according to our Utilities web site updates, so it was sheer luck. BTW, they were taking down the crane yesterday AM, in the freezing rain. Presume you had seen the coverage of the fire. That development is (was) on the main drag, right on my way home, a major thoroughfare and bus route. Can't imagine how difficult it would have been in the conditions yesterday. Hope they all got triple pay for that.

We had freezing rain all night...early in the AM Chris Sinclair (Weather Channel) said we'd had over 51 hours of straight freezing rain. Yep. Temps are plunging tonight, so I imagine that limbs and trees will come down, if they haven't already. I haven't heard how conditions are city-wide, haven't been able to find proper updates on local news and/or radio station web sites.

Anyway, good luck finishing up. Walmart today? Seriously? LOL. I had wanted to do a few things, silly, for the boys, but wasn't able to this weekend. I'm off the 24th so actually might venture out early in the AM, believe it or not. If I go EARLY, it should be okay. :-)

And I do need a stop at the liquor store--don't expect me to make it through the holidays without alcohol. Ha!

Anyway, have an absolutely wonderful holiday...Merry Christmas!

Olga said...

Whew, you make me tired.

Catherine said...

Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas - stay warm!
xo Catherine

Katnip Lounge said...

And here I'm whining about temps in the 40's. What a wimp. I was in Walmart yesterday--and lived! It wasn't too bad. The one grocery store I shop regularly the clerks are ACE at bagging, which IS nice. I always say thank-you cos I really do appreciate it.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww your camera shy Deneice and Denephew! LOL!! How adorable are they!

As for shopping and packing - I always put the heavy items in one bag, the vegetables in another, the lighter items ontop of these and any other have to go elsewhere! But totally agree that the heaviest items must go in the bag first - lightest last!

Yikes to the weather!! Gosh I do hope Kim and the boys are ok!

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas! Good luck with the preparations!! :-)

Take care