Sunday, 15 December 2013

Snowy Sunday

The entire province of Saskatchewan has been in the deep freeze all week. Temperatures have remained  in the minus high twenties and low thirties with wind chills making it feel ten degrees or more colder for what feels like forever but was really about 10 days. Have I said recently how much I hate winter?

There is a general assumption that it won't snow when it is cold.  I can prove that incorrect because we got snow and a fair amount of it.  I shoveled the driveway yesterday but we got more snow overnight and with the wind blowing it around I looked out the front door to this view early this morning.


The wind blows the snow off the room and it forms a ridge beside the walkway. I don't bother trying to clear out the walkway around the side of the house because I can't keep it clear and the ridge hardens to a rock like consistency.

Another drift always blows in right in front of the garage.  After my efforts, the drift is now on the next door neighbours lawn.  (About two feet of the lawn edge is on my property)

The front walk still needs a bit of clearing though I'll wait until the afternoon when the temperature is supposed to reach a balmy -6C (21F).

The temperature is still cold, at -16C or about 0F.
Though after the past week's wind chills I was comfortable out there.  Of course, I had on lots of layers and was getting my workout!

The snow has some benefits as it covers my spruce tree and provides a shelter for the rabbits.  I'd be happy if this were the last of it, but I'm afraid even though winter doesn't officially arrive until next weekend, winter weather is here to stay for at least five months.


Oh well, at least it is Sunday and I can stay indoors for the rest of the day if I choose!  Have a great day everyday everyone.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I just have to say it, winter sucks. It's come early, it's miserable, it's effin' freezing....I can't wait till Spring!!!!

Loretta Thomas said...

I will not say a word about it because it is better than 100+ degree temps in the summer for months...I'll take this any day!!
Just saying... XX

Olga said...

You really have had some frigid weather! I always think "too cold to snow" but that is not the case. The wind blows snow off the roof, so why can't it blow it off the driveway as well?

Katnip Lounge said...


That is just SICK and WRONG. I'll keep posting sunny photos to keep your spirits up!