Monday, 21 April 2014

Melting Monday

It's the last day of my four day weekend.  I'm not completely disappointed since it means there are only four three full days of work left before my vacation. (I'm scheduled to work for 3 hours on Friday, but unless I feel I have things to catch up on before I leave I'll probably take the day off.)

I'm almost finishing packing.  I just have a few last minute items to toss in the suitcase and my carry-on to fill.

This was an interesting pack because the weight limits are 10 kg. less than here in North America.  I started tossing items into the suitcase but quickly realized I needed to make outfits so I didn't over pack.

So everything came back out of the suitcase and I started mixing and matching and making a list. By the time I finished I'd taken a half dozen articles out of the suitcase.  Not much but a few ounces will help keep the weight low.  I weighed it yesterday and I'm at just over 13 kg. With a limit of 20 kg, I should be able to do a little shopping!

The other factor which makes the pack interesting is the weather.  We'll be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale where the weather is currently around 29C (84F), but by the time we reach Copenhagen, the long range is 12-15C (53-60F).  Layers are going to be the key on this trip.  I've got a windbreaker to wear over a fleece for the cool days, and a lighter hoodie for the less cool days.  Hopefully there will be no snow!

Speaking of snow, it's finally disappearing. With the warmer temperatures yesterday, I went out and spread the pile around on the front patio.

It reached 11C (50F) by mid-afternoon though the sunshine was intermittent.

Last evening we got rain.  Another day of warm temps and some moisture and all of the snow will be gone.

This morning I saw two more signs of spring, a robin in the tree and a squirrel in the yard next door.  No photos, they were far too quick for me.
Today we've got more sunshine and forecast high of 14C (57F).  Finally I can say, spring is here!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Hurrah for spring and melting snow, at last. I never thought the ice would be gone from our little back space, but so it has, and I did some clean up in the tiny garden over the weekend.

RE: your packing: Worst case, if you need to buy a warm sweater at some point, I'm sure you'll be able to, in one of the on-board stores. It'll co$t, but they'll have something. :-)

I'm sure you'll have a fabulous trip!

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! You're off on a cruise? How fantastic!! All the way to Denmark? Wow! Brilliant!

Glad the snow is receding!

Take care

Catherine said...

Gosh - that snow has just stayed and stayed out your way hasn't it??
Happy packing. :)
xo Catherine

Olga Hebert said...

It's exciting to be anticipating a trip like this. I am getting jealous reading about other's travel adventures.