Friday, 16 May 2014

What a trip!

Wow, what a holiday!  It's been an incredible twenty days since I left Canada. I took nearly 1000 photos (not counting the ones I deleted immediately), and I've spent most of today, transferring them to my computer, organizing into folders, and selecting about 115 to print to show off share with my co-workers when I get back to work next week.

Yes, the holiday isn't quite over.  Since we got back late yesterday evening, only 22 hours after we woke up and with little to no sleep on the plane, I had planned to take the day off to rest.  I did get a good night's sleep however I'm beginning to fade even though it is only 5:30 p.m.

I've got most of my laundry done, went grocery shopping, and dropped in at the office to pick up my laptop and briefcase as I'll be travelling to our Saskatoon office next weekend.  Maybe I tried to get too much done...oh well, I can sleep in tomorrow.

Over the next few days I plan to post the photos to share with you. As I'm tired I'll start with the sail away day, and some pictures from the cruise ship.

We sailed out of Fort Lauderdale on Sunday April 27th on the Royal Princess.

It's always so much fun to see the people waving to us as we sail away.

Someday I'm going to get back to Fort Lauderdale just so I can hang out on this beach and wave to the cruise ships leaving port!

I had an interior stateroom, more affectionally known as the "bat cave" as it as no natural light. It was small, but very functional, and I really didn't notice the lack of a balcony as K&J were right across the hall and shared theirs.

This is one of the pool areas (there is a larger pool to the left and below the hot tub).  Further forward was the retreat pool (for adults only).

I spent the first couple of sea days in retreat pool area but it quickly was too cool for sunbathing.

For six days we saw nothing much but water as we looked out over the ship rail.  It was little disconcerting at first, though the occasional ship passing let us know we weren't alone.

I spent part of a day wandering the ship, taking photos of the decor.

This is the chandelier in the Piazza (central area of the ship).

This was another over the top light fixture in one of the hallways.

One of the newest features on the ship is the Princess Live television studio.

This was Toby (the assistant cruise director) and one of the chefs preparing a couple of the dishes in front of a live audience.

They also used the studio for a daily "wake show" to introduce staff as well as present information for that day.  These shows as well as evening game shows were televised on the stateroom televisions.  The crew also used the studio for trivia contests. Our group won a trivia twice, winning a bottle of champagne each time.

The other new feature on the ship is the skywalk.  It takes one out above the sea (about 15 stories up) with glass panels on the floor in order to look down to the sea.

You'll note I took this picture looking up from the deck!

Even though we were at sea for six days we were kept as busy as we wanted to be. I did lots of reading, went to the various shows, used the sloooow internet, ate amazing food, had afternoon naps, and just enjoyed being on holidays.

Tomorrow - Sao Miguel, Azores Islands.  See you then!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Welcome back! Almost 1000 photos? Wow. You know it's a good holiday when you do that. LOL.

Your bat cave looks great, actually. And I love the shots of the chandelier and other light fixture. Cool. :-)

Olga Hebert said...

Welcome back. I look forward to the pictures and being slightly jealous!